Monday, November 14, 2005


Great Googly-Moogly! I can't believe that it's been a month since my last post, has it really been that long?? Sheesh, I just don't know where the time went. Seems like just yeterday was the beginning of the month and now it's almost halfway through!! I overheard someone at the Christmas Made In The South craft and trade show this past weekend say, "Did you know that Christmas is just 5 weekends away?" I nearly fainted dead away. I'm not ready for it, I'm just not. Seriously, I was just kidding when I asked Talmadge if he'd get the decorations from the attic!

Well, I guess I haven't really written much because there really hasn't been much to write about - or Talmadge had already written about it and it's no use in repeating. :)

A pretty cool thing happened this past weekend. My mom had been here visiting all last week (I kidnapped her the previous weekend and brought her back to our home to stay for a bit - to have a vacation away from things that were troubling her back at home regarding my sister and her issues) and my dad came over Saturday morning to spend the weekend and then take Mom back home on Sunday.

Late Saturday afternoon, we decided that we would try to get a table at Savannah's famous "Lady and Sons" restaurant owned by Food Network's Paula Deen. I had gotten Mom and Dad a gift certificate for Christmas last year and it was about to expire, I didn't want them to lose it. Well, silly us - we were thinking that if we got there early, there wouldn't be much of a wait! HAH! When we got there, we encountered a line winding around the block!

Fortunately, the gift certificate was also good at the restaurant that Paula's brother runs - "Uncle Bubba's Oyster House" further out on one of the islands. So we decided to try our luck out there. It was a short drive from downtown Savannah and, as we pulled into the parking lot, we saw that we'd made the right decision.

We found a parking space just a couple down from the front door. As we were parking, I noticed a very distinguished-looking gentleman standing beside a big, black truck that was parked in the space closer to the front of the restaurant. He was talking to the people sitting inside the truck. We got out of our car as he turned and started walking out into the parking lot. I immediately recognized him - it was Gordon Elliott. I remember thinking, "Hm, I wonder who was in the truck."

We were walking toward the restaurant as the big truck backed out and started driving in our direction. I then realized who was in the truck - Paula Deen and her husband Michael Groover. We waved as they approached, thinking that they would just wave and drive by - I secretly feared that my mother - who is a big fan - would throw herself on the hood of the truck! Not surprisingly - they stopped the truck right beside us and opened the window to be greeted by Paula's well-known, "Hey ya'll!". My mom says, "Do you remember me?" and Paula says, "You look familiar to me, what is your name?" (Well, for those who don't know - my mom and Paula knew each other at and graduated from Albany (GA) High School together in 1965.) My mom told Paula her name and Paula turns to her husband and says, "We went to school together!". They talked for a short bit - Paula's a busy lady and was on the go - Mama told Paula how we had gone to Lady and Son's and saw the line decided to come out to Bubba's instead. Paula says, "Honey, on the weekends even I can't get a table there!" Then they had to get going - we went inside and sat at the bar until the restaurant opened at 4:45. The food there was pretty good - a bit pricey for what it was, but still good.

I have two things to say to all those people who were standing in line outside of Lady and Sons - 1) the food there is good, but IT'S NOT THE ONLY RESTAURANT IN TOWN, and 2) nanny-nanny-boo-boo, we got to see and talk to Paula and YOU DIDN'T!! Hahahahahahaha!!! (Evil laugh). And we didn't have to stand in line for an hour. LOL.

- Seraphim "Yep, I'm gloating" Gleck

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Say it ain't so.....PLEASE.....say it ain't so......

I beg of you who work in the fashion industry to please reconsider your decision to bring back the gaucho pants. I can't think of anything much worse than these except maybe culottes.

These things - a cross between a pair of pants and a skirt - have got to be one of the most hideous items of fashion that came out of the 70's. I remember I had a pair or two of them and I avoided wearing them at all costs (hey - I was still a child without much say-so when it came to clothing purchases). They remind me of how my "I can barely wear a size zero" sister looked when she put on a pair of my shorts!!

OK - some people CAN pull off wearing these things. In my most humble opinion the only accessory I can think of that remotely compliments these is a nice pair of tall boots like these. But please don't wear them with these - I don't think these boots are good for anything but dog-sledding, hunting polar bears or while scoring a half-caff double latte' in your favorite bedsheet like our favorite mom, Britney.

I admit that maybe some of my animosity toward gauchos and culottes stems from the fact that I have neither the right type of thighs to pull off such an outfit - nor the calves to wear the tall boots. I like to eat - and I prefer to digest my meals thankyouverymuch.

Who is guilty cuplrit who decided to resurrect this hideous frock??? Was Donatella Versace going through some boxes in her brother's attic and found these stuffed away in a corner and thought, "I'll bet if I just slap the Versace label on these they will sell like hotcakes!"? Did Stella McCartney think, "They were good enough for my mom - and she was a famous musician - then they are are good enough for me!" ? Do they bring back warm fuzzy memories of little Isaac Mizrahi running around in his Mommy's clothes?

I have never claimed to be a fashionista. I think that those who get orgasmic over haute couteur (high fashion), hang on every word of the top designers, and are almost spastic about having name-brand design labels attached to their clothing and apparel are above-the-neck paraplegics.

But GAUCHOS???? C'mon.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Introverts Unite!

You know......some days it pays to be an introvert. Today was no exception.

I have a couple of co-workers who are always at each others' throats. Not in a bad way - kind of in a "mom, he's touching me!" way. You know, the types who are always picking at each other but are the best of friends. They are truly funny to listen to - and I hear almost everything because one of the ladies' desk is just outside of my office.

Today, they were both out there doing their usual stuff.
J: "C...look at this for me...can you -"
C: "WHY are you bothering me???"

I look at my office-mate and say, "T - the kids are fighting again." Then a moment of incorrigible-ness overtakes me. I sling open the office door and say to both of them, "Don't make me HURT you!!" The look on their faces was priceless. I dare say it's the first time either of them have been rendered speechless.

I close the door and notice T writhing on the floor in a fit of laughter. I hear through the door, "Damn......Seraphim has crossed over to the dark side......" Minutes later, after the shock value wore off, we were all laughing.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Welcome to my Wittle World!

OK, here is the first post to my new blog. Um, I think I will leave it at that right now because I am at work and have to answer the phone. Joy.