Friday, February 01, 2008

You asked for it.....but please, don't tell my achy breaky tea glass!

Yes, dear friends, Seraphim is coming out of hybernation for a little post at the request of fellow Blogger Kate, Katie, Susan and Sue .

She was discussing New Kids On The Block getting back together and going on tour, to which I responded my thoughts and experiences with not only NKOTB but little bro' Marky Mark. I was one of 4 lucky winners of a radio station contest in which we were to take a trip via limo to Club La Vela in Panama City Beach, FL to attend a Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch concert. We also got to meet them backstage before the concert. Admittedly, the meet n' greet was a bit disappointing. The Funky Bunch and their fearless leader were pretty much escorted in the room, we said "HI!", lined up for a photo shoot, then they were escorted back out of the room. What happened DURING the photo shoot lives on in legend.....or at least is a legend in Seraphim's own mind:

See the expression on his baby-face? Yep, young Mr. Walberg just got goosed by yours truly. In case you couldn't guess, I'm the one on the right. The one with a head full of thick, beautiful, curly hair. Damn, I miss my hair! Oh, and the goober on the other side of Mark - that's my sister. All 90 pounds soaking wet, "I can barely wear a size 2", of her. Today, I just poke her little fat rolls and cackle. But I digress.........

OK, I admit, I didn't purposely grope him. I swear!!! I couldn't decide to put my arm in front or behind us and as you can see it made it in front of us before the picture was snapped. But not before my hand accidentally brushed his Calvin Klein-wearing tushy. YES, ACCIDENTALLY!! (Here's where Tal rolls his eyes. He gets goosed, too, but I do it on purpose. HEY, I got a license to do it!)

Hey, speaking of famous teen idol singers, the new Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus 3-D Pre-Recorded Concert Spectacular hit movies theaters tonight. Yep, in answer to the high-pitched whining and crying of disappointed little girls all over the country whose parents did not have several thousand dollars to plunk down to take their baby girls to a live Hannah concert, Disney execs with dollar signs in their eyes recorded one of her concerts IN 3-D so they could feel like they are practically right on stage with her!

Today, it's been total Hannah-monium across the country. There have been several sightings of Billy Ray's baby all over. Talmadge and I were THRILLED to spot not just ONE, but SIXTEEN mini-Hannahs tripping their way through Logan's tonight. Imagine our UTTER DELIGHT when the whole wiggly, giggly bunch of them was seated right next to us. I especially enjoyed trying to hear Tal trying to talk to me with the whole lot of them were trying to talk to each other while walking back and forth between both ends of the table constantly bumping my chair. And it was especially entertaining when the little darling sitting behind me knocked her tea glass off the table, hitting the floor sending ice, tea, and shards of glass flying everywhere. (Why the waitress gave them all GLASS cups instead of the plastic cups with lids like they usually give all the kids, I'll never know.) The highlight of the evening was when a mini-Hannah- who apparently had had one too many Mr. Pibb's - fell out of her chair. Fortunately, she was at the other end of the table and didn't fall in the shards of glass which were still on the floor. I believe it's safe to assume that this was some sort of pre-Hannah-movie-viewing party.

Now, don't get me wrong. I am a complete Disneyana nut. I love the Hannah Montana show, and watch it all the time. But that's where it ends. I suppose that if I had a pre-tween daughter who loved the show, I would be so indulgent. But tonight, I was close to calling our satellite provider and asking them to completely wipe the Disney Channel - both East and West- from our lineup. (Here's where Tal comes in and takes my temperature.......).

In the words of Ms. Hannah/Miley herself: "Sweet niblets!!!!"

And for those who have no idea who Hannah Montana glad. :-)