Monday, May 12, 2008

Evens for the odd couple.

Well, I did quite well at weigh-in tonight. Better than I thought but and I am very pleased! 4 more pounds down for a total of 24 lost! Which leaves me with only 15 more pounds to make it to my first goal - 39 by 39! So I now have until July 24 to lose the next 15 pounds. Can I do it? I hope so - if I keep up this momentum I will. Lessee....that's about 9 weeks. If I can lose about 1.6-1.7 pounds per week I will reach that goal easily.

I said I wasn't sure about a loss this week. I was hoping for at least a couple of pounds. I went over to Albany this weekend for Mother's Day. We went to Ryan's for lunch on Saturday and had all kinds of goodies at the mother/daughter tea we went to at my grandmother's church that evening. Although, I have to give myself credit - I did just nibble at a few things and did not go back for seconds. That was a pretty good accomplishment for ME! :-)

Unfortunately, my grandmother was unable to make it even though she planned to be there. The 90 year-old woman decided that she wanted to climb up into her attic to retrieve a hat to wear to the tea, and on the way down she missed the last step and fell, cutting up both her arms and twisting her back. Good news is that she did not have any broken bones, but she did need to have 21 stitches. My aunts had to take her to the ER to get her patched up (luckily, they were there at the time!) and Mom, Sis, and I went on to the tea. We stopped by Grandmother's house afterwards to check on her (they had just gotten back from the hospital) and she was in pretty good spirits, so we all put our hats on and ate some of the tea sandwiches she had made to take to the party, and drank tea (or wine, or rootbeer - I had water :-)).

Well, time to hit the's been a long day! Oh, and in case you did not see Talmadge's blog - he lost 6 pounds - for a total collective loss this week of 10 pounds even!

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nettiemac said...

WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!! That is awesome!!! You can do it -- I love the "39 by 39" idea. I used it quite a few times myself -- I did "30 by the 31st" and "Laboring for 40" to get me to some mini-goals. And it worked!!

Hang in there -- I'm here behind you, 110%!!!