Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hear that sloshing sound?

That apparently is what we call "water retention". But 4 pounds of water???

Yeah, the scales were cruel to me this week - up 4.2 pounds. I didn't think I did TOO badly last week. I didn't go over my daily points until the weekend, and even then I still had some of my flex points left. The only thing I can think it may have been was that I hit the diet sodas pretty hard toward the end of the week - Kroger has a version of an extreme Diet Mountain Dew. The name escapes me right now - Big K Diet Drop Dead Extreme? Something like that. Plus I had a lot more coffee than usual. I dunno.

Well, hopefully I will be able to drain the water and have an improvement in the scales next meeting.

A dilemma I have now is the next meeting. Since we usually meet on Mondays, and the next Monday is Memorial Day, we won't be having a meeting. They were going to have one on that Tuesday instead but the church where we meet is having a blood drive that day. SO, do we skip a week and go the next or try to make one of the meetings in Savannah? Can't do it on Tuesdays or Thursdays because of teaching cake classes in the evenings. (meetings start at the same time my classes do....). There's a meeting at 6 on Wed., we could go to that one but that's just going to get us home later than usual. Tal may just have to go to one on his own if he wants to. My schedule is just too screwed up to work one in next week.

Anyhoo....that would at least give me two weeks to get back on track! :-)

Well, got to get back to work! I've got to walk to another building to do an errand, so maybe I'll take a long-cut on the way back and work in some activity points!

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Talmadge Gleck said...

I believe that drink is called BIG K "I Can't Believe It's Got More Caffeine Than Half a Dozen NO-DOZ Tablets" Diet Mountain Dew-Esque Product."

Pop the Drop (faux TM).

I'm off with Tiger next Wednesday. I think I might try the Springfield meeting that Tuesday if I can get out there in time. I don't like the temptation skipping a week will cause, not this early in the game.

I love you.


PS: word verification = bsjrv Sounds like our nephews have rented a Winnebago.

nettiemac said...

One thing I've discovered: every time I have a killer awesome jammin' week, the next week is the exact opposite. It's like my body says, "WHOA! Famine is coming! Store, hang on, stop!" 40,000 years later, and we still are cavepeople. So much for evolution!

If it makes you feel any better, same thing happened with baby bro. He lost 6 last week (he knows not how) and "only" lost 0.6 this week. Same thing. "Famine is coming - must store food!"

Hang in there. It will get better!