Tuesday, June 24, 2008


So this week brings me another good loss - 3 pounds! I don't know what's going on. Last week's loss after 3 weeks of yo-yo'ing was a shock but I'm glad it got me back on track. I was really good with tracking points and keeping within them last week, until Saturday.

Saturday morning, I got up to head over to Albany. I was picking up my younger nephew to spend a couple of weeks with us and go to day camp at the Arts, Music, and Theater department on campus. I didn't have any time to make breakfast, but figured I'd pick up something on the way. As I left the house, I was looking for my cell phone in my purse and couldn't find it. Went back to the house and looked around, even used Tal's phone to call mine. Nope, wasn't anywhere in the house. SO, I had to drive all the way into Savannah to the college to see if I left it in my office. I was thinking that the bookstore would be open at 10 (we usually aren't open on Sat. but the were having New Freshman Orientation and would be open for that) and it was 11 by the time I got there. I was thinking wrong - the store didn't open until 1:00. SO, I would have to wait until hopefully 12:30 when someone would arrive to get the store ready for opening, and decided I'd just go ahead and get some lunch.

SO, I figured I had not had any breakfast and still had my weekly flex points, and I wanted to try some of that new KFC chipotle chicken. And so I did. A leg and thigh with mashed potatoes and gravy, corn on the cob, a biscuit, and sweet tea. The horrible thing about all this was not the fact that I had fried chicken, but the fact that KFC is right next to The Devil's Living Room. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about - it comes complete with a "HOT NOW" sign. My car, completely on its own with no help from me, crossed over the drive and straight to the Krispy Kreme Drive-Thru. Then a voice that didn't belong to me ordered three chocolate-covered, cream-filled beauties. Then the car drove up to the window and forced my hands to pull out a 5-spot to give to the evil woman in the window. It then drove away from KK with me clutching the change and a wax-coated bag with green polka dots printed on it.

When I regained conciousness, the car was parked in a shady spot in the college parking lot, I was covered in fried chicken crumbs and the waxy, polka-dotted bag was empty. Yet, I didn't feel bad at all. Yeah, I didn't exactly make the best food choices there but I had no regrets - just knowing that while I did just have a lapse in willpower I have the power to get myself back on track again.

I love that watermelon is low in points, but I hate that's so darned expensive! I bought two little seedless "personal" watermelons for $5 today. They'll be gone in no time. It's so good. My nephew ate 1/4 of one just now, slurped it up good.

Well, that's it for now. I just wanted to post this that I've been working on for a couple of days now! Been pretty busy at work lately. End of fiscal year stuff - fun! And it's HOT - outside, in my office. I sure would love it if they could get the air/heat in my office regulated. It's always freezing in winter and boiling in summer in my office. I'll be glad when they get our new building built and we move in. Don't know when that will be - they haven't even broken ground yet.

Good night!

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Kate/Susan said...

Congratulations on breaking 30!! And what the heck about donuts and KFC. :-) Once in a while is just fine and dandy... Hope you enjoyed it!

nettiemac said...

YAY YOU!!!!!!!!!!! I had a slightly up week (0.4) but I didn't care. I had forgotten my usual weigh-in clothes, so I probably maintained. And last night I had dinner with Stacey & Chris, and that's my one splurge meal of the week (and even it was healthy!)

You're doing great -- HANG IN THERE!