Friday, October 31, 2008

Ghosties, Gabblins, and Things That Go Bump.....

Happy Halloween!

Today has been rather mild as far as holidays go. I did dress a little for work today: black pants, black shirt, black shoes, and purple and green-striped socks. I wore these items into work under my green fleece jacket, then added the black and orange-stripe witch hat and pentagram medallion necklace when I got into my office and put everything away. I also hung my "The witch is in and she's casting spells" sign in my doorway. And of course everyone thought I was wacky as usual. Then I took a black and white self-portrait:

I was trying to decide if I wanted to do the trick-or-treaters thing tonight, as Tal has gone to spend the weekend with Tiger and I would be on my own to greet the little candy beggars. I needed to open the garage up when I got home from work and put some things in the SUV to take to Rosie's for the yard sale we're doing, and figured that if I would probably have some visitors expecting treats if they saw me. So, I ran to Walgreen's during lunch for some goodies.

Around 6:15 I get home, unload all my stuff (purse, candy, Chinese food) and get things set up. I set up a small table and stool in front of the garage door and got my "fishing chair" and set that up next to it. Got my big purple bowl and filled it with the candy (mini Oreo snack packs and Cookies N' Creme tombstones), the camera, a Diet 7-Up, an afghan, my little metal pumpkin with a votive, the candle lighter, an my little motion-activated monster and took it all outside and set it up.

Oh, and I didn't have to greet the trick-or-treaters on my own - I had a sidekick:

Puddy and I were ready for the kids - bring it on!

So, we waited.........and waited..........and waited.....................

Finally! Here come some trick-or-treaters! YAY! A princess and that ugly ghost thing from "Scream". And *sigh* just as quickly they were gone.............

After an hour and a half and a total of 7 visitors, we decided to pack it in. I was told by one of the mothers that a few of the local churches were having Fall festivals and that's probably where everyone was. I can kind of see that - I mean, the way things are these days that kind of thing is probably safer even though our area seems pretty safe. I mean, there are only 7 registered sex offenders living in our town........

Well, that was pretty much our exciting evening! Hope you enjoyed your Halloween!

I took this picture before I blew out the votive in the pumpkin. It's kind of fuzzy, but I think it's a neat effect.


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Talmadge Gleck said...

That pic of Puddy doing her best Maytag Repairman in our driveway is so heart-wrenching.

I guess the whole trick-or-treat thing really IS dying. At least we got to see it in full bloom one last time ... after we moved out here, it was a throwback to our own childhoods.

PS - Tiger's band was superb, as usual. And I also got to watch the Elmore County Panthers taking on the fighting "Martian Maggots" of Grovers Mill High School*.

Like the witch pic. Love IS kinda crazy with a spooky little girl like you.

* = gratuitous reference to War of the Worlds, which aired 70 years ago October 30th

nettiemac said...

OHHHH!! Wook at da sweet Puddy Girl, oh she's so CUUUUUUTE!!!! (And that's a GREAT B&W of you!)

We had a few TT'ers here. I was mildly surprised. Usually, they're packed in by the time I get home but I guess this year was different. Oh well, now we have a buttload of Tootsie Roll products left over, and they're a little more WW friendly than some of the other treats.

Kate/Susan said...

Great picture! I can definitely see a difference in you, Amy! Keep up the great work :-) You're looking even more fabulous.

We had 25 or so TT here. It was kinda sad. We gave 'em 2 1/2 hours before we gave in completely.

Melissa said...

We had hardly any TT - maybe 20? Usually we have a lot. Oh well, got to hang out with the neighbors - it was nice!
I would have thought that Fri would bring out MORE folks...wonder what the deal was?