Friday, January 09, 2009

Ranger.....or Morelli?

My last post kind of brought up a debate that rages within the "Plum Crazy" fans of Janet Evanovich: Who do you think Stephanie should be with? Ranger or Morelli? Who would YOU be with? And, if they ever made these books into a movie or series, who would you cast as the books characters?

IMHO - I think Stephanie should be with Ranger. Morelli is starting to get domesticated and now that he's got that house he's gonna start longing for a wifey-poo and rugrats. That ain't Stephanie. Stephanie can't go a few months without losing her car one way or another - how's she going to keep up with a few kids? Nah, Steph has not a domestic bone in her body. I mean, c'mon - she keeps a gun in her cookie jar for Pete's sake! Martha Stewart would have several heart attacks over that!

As for me.....I'd go for Ranger, too. Dark, dangerous, Latin. Just makes me all tingly!

Excuse me for a moment..........

(While Seraphim's gone, please enjoy the soothing sounds of of Cyndi Lauper's "She-Bop", followed by a classic - "Pictures of Lily" by The Who.)

OK, back to business........if I were to cast a movie/TV series based on the book series, I would choose:

**America Ferarra as Stephanie:

Yeah, I know she's Hispanic but I think she can pull off the Italian/Polish look. I mean, look what she did with Ugly Betty.........I'm just sayin'. I just picture Stephanie with "curves" ya know?

** Mark Ruffalo as Morelli:
Now tell me - doesn't this picture of him just SCREAM Joe Morelli??!?!?!

**Benjamin Bratt as "Ranger":

Imagine him wearing a black "Rangeman" T-shirt........mmmmmmm..........

Pardon me for just a moment, I think I need a bit of water.

(Please enjoy the sultry tones of Carole King as she serenades you with "I Felt The Earth Move"........)

Ah. Better.

** Queen Latifah as Lula:

**Steve Buscemi as Cousin Vinnie:

** Michael Clarke Duncan as Tank:

Oh, I'm tapped for now. Time for bed. Maybe I'll dream up more actor/actresses who could star in this movie/series.

I've love to hear your opinions of my choices or suggestions for your choices!

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Talmadge Gleck said...

"She Bop" ... check.
"Pictures of Lily" ... check.

But where's ARS' "Imaginary Lover"?

"My Ding-A-Ling" .... "Darling Nikki" ... the list goes on.

Never mind.

(I smell another K-TEL anthology......)

Kate/Susan said...

I want her to go with Ranger just once, in excruciating detail--I mean, I want to know every drop of sweat, every breath either one of them takes, and then, then I will happily send her off to be Mrs. Morelli.

Lord, if she'd just write that novella--Steph and Ranger--I'd die happy.

I like your choices for dreamcasting, but I'm not too sure about America Ferrara. I picture more Sandra Bullock, but she's too old now... Queen Latifah and Steve Buscemi are a must!

Melissa said...

Yeah Sandra Bullock for sure or even Julia Roberts although she's not quite sassy enough....I always picture Ranger being darker skinned - almost black, I know he's Cuban not African-American but I picture more Denzel Washington when I picture Ranger

Anonymous said...

Yeah ditto, Cuban's have darker skin. Do a google image search with keywords Cuban Actor, and drool away.............

Sweet Baby Jane said...

I think it would be like this; Benjamin Bratt as Morelli :) he looks like a morelli to me. Michael Clarke Duncan is more like Ranger I think :)
And if you ask me, I would do Morelli!

Anna 'Relle said...

I'm a little late here, but I have to agree with Jane... Benjamin Bratt (a little less kempt than in this picture, admittedly) is Morelli personified.
And I'd say Morelli is the keeper! Steph will love motherhood when she gets there, and Morelli will manage to step in and pick up the pieces before she actually maims a child. And there's always a doting (grand)mother to babysit when the urge to run amok gets too strong!