Tuesday, April 29, 2008

OOPS........I tripped........

Or, as I told my Weight Watchers leader last night, "I not only fell off the wagon - it dragged me behind it a couple of miles."

First, let's play catch-up. When I last left off in this weight loss/lifestyle change journey, I was a week into it and was down 7.8 pounds. Here's how the past month has gone:

Week 2: -1.0 (-8.8 total)
Week 3: -3.8 (-12.6)
Week 4: -1.2 (-13.8) This was after Grandmother's 90th birthday party weekend.
Week 5: +2.4 (-11.4)

Poor self-control and giving in to temptation is where I hit my downfall this week. Heck, it's the reason why I am where I am today. Ever since 1988-1989 when I had lost 85 pounds and then started gaining it back every day has been my "Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we diet." Only, tomorrow never came and I gained back those 85 pounds and much more!

I felt bad last night before our meeting. I knew I wouldn't have a loss, but I was still going to go and face the music. And I'm glad I did. They are right, the meetings DO help. SO, back on the wagon I go! I'm going to do this, so help me, or die trying! :-)

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nettiemac said...

And back on the wagon you shall go!!! You're not letting a lapse become a collapse, and that's what is important.

Everyone is going to have those days, those weeks, etc. Saturday, I got in a good bit of walking at the Cornbread Festival, but nothing on Sunday or Monday (hair appointment after work). So this week probably won't be quite as good as the last couple have been. But each minute, each day, is a new start.

YOU CAN DO THIS!!!! I promise!