Friday, May 02, 2008

Sneaky, sneaky me!

This is an addendum to my previous "tripped" post. Confession time, if you will. :-)

Monday night, after my WW meeting, I stopped by the convenience store looking for something to eat. I was still feeling bad and I guess just needed some comforting. I ended up buying a pint of 2% milk - which I guess is much better than a soda! - and one of those Little Debbie fried cherry pie thingys (hey - it's got fruit in it!). Took it to the counter and paid for it. As I was leaving, I caught my reflection in the glass door - and realized that I was still wearing my Weight Watchers' name tag! That was a really profound moment for me. I mean, I still ended up eating the pie and drinking the milk before I got home, but that moment weighed heavily on my mind (and stomach). I couldn't help but wonder what the cashier thought. Here I am buying junk, and wearing a WW name tag! That REALLY made me feel bad - but in a different way. In a way that made me even more determined that I was going to do better and turn this "lapse" around.

Usually after the meeting, we will remove our name tags, fold them, and put them in a box. The leader then does a drawing for whomever to get one of the mini-bars she has. Well, she had 6 to give away that night, and there were 6 of us in attendance so she just gave them to us. And that is why I was still wearing the name tag and forgot I had it on!

Well, I have been doing MUCH better this week! I've only dipped into my 35 points a tiny bit (0.5 used, 34.5 remaining). The online Points Tracker is great. I pretty much plan my day first thing in the morning when I get to work because I already have my breakfast, lunch, and snacks with me and then pre-plan supper and maybe an evening snack. Today, I've even planned in a piece of cake for one of our work study student's graduation party we're having this afternoon. And supper at Carey Hilliard's tonight! Woo Hoo!

I have a feeling that next Monday night is going to be MUCH better! Not only because I know I will have done better - but my dear husband has decided to let the government pay for his WW fees (the restitution checks!!) and will be joining me at the meeting Monday! Yay!

If only I can get through the weekend.................. :-)

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nettiemac said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!! I know you can do it. And I am glad Russell will be there with you. My brother joined 4 weeks ago, and has lost 13.6 pounds so far!

My old leader did the same thing with the tags, but the new one doesn't. So I always forget to take it off. I had mine on last night at Jason's Deli too. OOPS!

I'm so proud and happy -- and I'm here if you have any questions at all!